Are these tiles a fad or is it a look that will have longevity? This is a question we often hear, as experts in the tile business. With an investment in tiling a living or office space, you want it to be a secure one and one that sustains itself over time, whilst still being fashionable. We aim to reassure and dispel any misconceptions with tiles being a trend today and gone tomorrow…

What people are looking for

Tile trends are a hot topic. We invest time listening to our clients, to their wants, needs and aspirations.

Through our frequent visits to international tile expos, manufactures and design studios, we keep abreast of global trends. Working together with what the market offers and what our clients need, we at The Tile House, aim to satisfy through providing tiles that are on trend yet whose style lasts because of their intrinsic beauty, not because they are the latest fad.

Top tile trending at the moment

Tiles that are trending at the moment are: Wood Look, Cement Screed, Marble look-alike and Mosaics. Let us dispel any myths (one by one) that these tiles are a fad and do not have longevity…

Wood Look Tiles

Caring about the environment starts with sustainable lifestyle choices. Why chop down forests for floors? Exactly, it makes no sense. What does make sense is our range of wood-look tiles that not only resemble but also feel like wood. Whether your setting is rustic or contemporary, corporate or domestic, wood-look tiles are here to stay. At The Tile House we have an exciting range of natural wood-look tiles, which includes oak, elm and maple. Wood-look tiles come in different shapes and sizes. With wood-look tiles you are able to install the perfect floor for your “nest” without destroying any bird’s nests!

Wood floors have been around for centuries and they are more popular than ever so rest assured that the look of wood is evergreen.

Marble and Stone Look-a-like Tiles

Natural Rock and Marble is beautiful but comes at a price to the environment and also demands high maintenance. Marble cracks, yellows and because it is ultra absorbent, it stains easily.

The alternatives are porcelain tiles that look and feel like marble. With digital technology, porcelain tiles have been developed to replicate stone and marble and take away the vulnerability and maintenance of the real thing.

The Tile House has a magnificent range of marble look-a-like tiles. With no compromise to aesthetics and long lasting, these tiles offer a practical and affordable solution.

Marble is unanimous with luxury and opulence and marries historical splendour with contemporary convenience. It’s been walked on for centuries by Kings and Queens and will continue to be!

Cement Screed Tiles

Screed floors are trending and in internet terms, screed has gone viral! To deconstruct, screed comprises of sand, cement, crushed stones and pigment. Screed’s success is determined by the correct mix and expertise.

Because of this recipe of mixing screed, seldom is one floor the same as the next. With digital printing, screed floors can be replicated where the colours are consistent with what you have chosen. Unlike screed, the tiles don’t crack and are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Screed floors have been around for centuries in some form or other and will continue to keep their place in Décor.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics date back to Mesopotamia in the 3rd Millennium BC and have throughout the centuries, added to the beauty of various walls and floors. Patterns and pictures formed from square cut stone have been used on both floors and walls ever since. These mosaics can also be used as accentuations, where a small detail of mosaic can be combined with another tile. Whether it’s a focal point or over a large surface area, mosaics are eye-catching. The raw products and the labour involved in producing mosaic tiles such as glass, clay or marble is costly. Fortunately for mosaic-lovers these artistic pieces can be produced with ceramic tiles. You save on costs and don’t lose on style. Ceramics are durable and easy to clean, so if your lay mosaics as floor tiles, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

An intelligent choice

Tiles have many advantages over natural wood, marble and screed. Apart from the obvious cost factor they are durable and easy to clean. For people suffering from allergies, especially dust mites, tiles are a necessity. For the maintenance of your tiles, The Tile House have an excellent range of cleaning products: Grout Off, Easy Clean and Quick Clean.

Tiles for ever and ever

At The Tile House we see floors and walls as a canvas for the imagination. Come in and spend time just looking and feeling the tiles and you’ll know what speaks to you. Be inspired by what moves you, not by what product is moving fast off the shelves. Fashion comes and goes, but wood, marble, mosaic and screed-look tiles will endure.