The Timber-Tiles Trend

Finally the aesthetics of old-fashioned timber floors and the practicality of modern tiled floors meet. As always the Tile House is committed to bringing you the latest global flooring trends. Discover how you can incorporate the charm of a French Chateau into your home, and still enjoy the sleek, stylish and sublime quality of tiles.


Quintessentially stylish, the wooden floors in the French country homes or Châteaus were built in the late 15th century to early 17th century. The popularity of patterned wooden floors reached a peak in the late half of the 18th century. These wooden floorboards were laid at homes of the nobility and palaces including The Palace of Versailles.

The Tile House is proud to introduce the Mansion Range, inspired by the wooden floors found in French Chateaus. Mansion tiles are the result of our research into recreating the aged appearance of antique wood in contemporary interiors.

Mansion Tiles

Our innovative ceramic technology has enabled us to create the look and feel of antique wood on a 750 x 750 mm tile. We have mirrored the aesthetics of shaved wood and old floorboards. Through chromatic variation and the veining of the product we have enhanced the rich woody colour. Mansion tile’s vintage effect is one that creates warmth, yet endures as timeless opulence.

No two pieces of wood are identical, so to further the variation of vintage- looking wooden floors we package orders from different production lines. And just because we can, we’ve had some more fun by producing a range of Mansion tiles in limestone white and grey. This allows you the option of creating a different feel for separate rooms yet unifying the whole space.

Lavish, lived-in and luxurious your Mansion tiles will take on the style of your furnishings. Durable and easy to clean, Mansion tiles work effectively in a home or retail environment.

Mansion tiles are not only suitable for interiors but also for exterior applications, enhancing the harmonious flow between inside and outside.

Mansion tiles are manufactured under the highest International standards of environmental sustainability.

The compromise is over

A vintage feel, with all the modern-conveniences is first prize. Little wonder these Italian ceramic tiles are sweeping through the leading floor expos in Europe. Visit The Tile House and see, and of course feel for yourself our range of Mansion Tiles. You’d be amazed at how you can transform your modern home into a Manor!