Introducing Fairway Turf
What’s good about artificial turf? Quite simply it doesn’t need water or maintenance. Unlike sod or natural grasses, artificial turf requires no maintenance to maintain it’s beautiful green appearance. No weekly mowing, just lay the turf in place and enjoy it.

Our Fairway range of artificial grass comes in several options that are suitable for:

  • Landscaping, garden, playgrounds, indoors, outdoors
  • Mini and large golf courses, putt putt
  • Sports fields including soccer fields (indoor and outdoor), hockey and rugby

Fairway Spring, Fairway Autumn & Fairway Summer

The Fairway range of artificial turf is suitable for landscaping, garden, playgrounds, indoors and outdoors. The range is made up of a four-toned high density grass that has a polyethylene C shape monofilament fibre system with thatch zone, inspired by nature. It is one of the best artificial turfs on the market, hence being our best seller. It has a pile height of 30mm in length and is a full bodied grass with blades that remain upright for longer thus owing to our 8 year Manufacturing and UV Warranty, sun intensity dependent.

Fairway Spring has a very beautiful lush perfect green look.
Fairway Spring Grass Turf
Fairway Autum has a more natural grass-like appearanceGrass Turf Cape Town Fairway Summer is our premium product with its colour in between Fairway Spring and AutumnArtificial Grass Turf

Our Fairway Range Specifications for Fairway Spring and Autumn:

  • Pile height (mm): 30mm Yarn (Dtex): PE13600
  • Colour: Four-tone Gauge (Inch): 3/8
  • Stitch Rate (stitches/m): 160/m
  • Density (Stitches/m2): 16800/m2
  • Warranty (Years): 8 year manufacture and UV warranty

Fairway Summer Specifications:

  • Pile Height (mm): 35mm Yarn (Dtex): PE13600
  • Colour: Four-Tone Gauge (Inch): 3/8
  • Stitch Rate (stitches/m): 170/m
  • Density (Stiches/m2):17850/m2
  • Warranty (Years): 10 year manufacture and UV warranty

Putting Eagle For Putting Greens

This synthetic putting green delivers the most realistic experience. Using polyethylene fibres in bi-colour green for a natural appearance, providing longevity in all climates. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, for entertainment in your own back yard or to take your golf skills to the next level. Our high density putting greens make for the most realistic ball roll and can be customized to your specifications and to suit your area design. We supply and install everything from the fairway edging to the aluminium cups and flag poles. Suitable for mini golf, large golf courses and putt putt courses. Putt Pro Pile Height of 12mm and 8 Year UV and Manufacturing Warranty. Sun intensity Dependent.


Putt Pro Specifications:

  • Pile height (mm): 12mm
  • Yarn (Dtex): PE6300
  • Colour: Bi-Colour
  • Gauge (Inch): 5/32
  • Stitch Rate: (stitches/m): 260m
  • Density (Stitches/m2): 66520m2
  • Warranty (Years): 8 Years UV and Manufacturing Warranty

Turf for sports fields – FT Pro

All of our football turf allows the football to “sit” in the surface, controlling ball roll, allowing sliding tackles and freedom of movement for the player to perform a full selection of skills. Lower down in the fibres sits a layer of recycled rubber, which adds resilience to control ball bounce and absorbs impact.


Unique Features of ARTurf Football Turf:

  • Player friendly and highly resilient
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Football grass proven durability
  • High strength and tenacity
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • High Quality football artificial grass products at low prices
  • Soft, non-abrasive fibres, designed to replicate artificial grass in colour, feel and performance and meets
    the requirements of “FIFA Recommendations”.
  • Our FT Pro has a pile height of 40mm and carries an 8 year Manufacturing and UV Warranty.

Football Turf Infill System:

The Fibres of football artificial grass must be upright in a football field to slow down the speed of the ball and resemble the performance characteristics of a natural turf field. Most of artificial football turf systems are in filled with sand for support and rubber granules to give bounce. This newest generation of artificial turf system has proven to be the most favourable for football to date.



  • Stabilizes and supports the grass system.
  • Environmentally beneficial.
  • Accounts for 30% of total infill weight


  • Provide a softer artificial football grass surface and give bounce.
  • Rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-traffic areas.
  • Environmentally beneficial.
  • Accounts for 70% of total infill weight.

Applications for use:

  • Soccer fields (indoor and outdoor)
  • Hockey fields
  • Rugby fields

Football Turf Specifications:

  • Pile height (mm): 40mm
  • Yarn (Dtex): PE12500
  • Colour: Bi-colour/Sport Green/Olive Green
  • Gauge (Inch): 5/8
  • Stitch Rate (stitches/m): 160m
  • Density (Stitches/m2): 10080m2
  • Warranty (Years): 8 Years Manufacturing and UV Warranty

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