“When I choose a colour it is not because of any scientific theory. It comes from observation, from feeling, from the innermost nature of the experience in question.” Henri Matisse

Colour Tile Trends for 2018

The Four Seasons of Colour

The colouration of our space reflects more than an aesthetic preference. It radiates the tone of our home. From the tranquillity of green to the peace and security of blue, colour is about mood. Colour comes from and changes with nature. This year’s zeitgeist is about a return to the environment. Quite fitting as we, the Mother City in particular, become increasingly mindful of our natural resources.

The Tile House is excited to present our colour tiles which are on-trend yet timeless, versatile and stylish. Whether you mix or match, coloured tiles have a transformative effect on walls and floors. Our colour tile slabs in porcelain and ceramic celebrate nature’s colour spectrum.

If Walls Could Talk they’d say: “Colour with colour!”

Metro Lifestyle bricks add a sophisticated, handcrafted flavour using glossy bright colours. Tile an entire room, select a feature wall, frame a chimneypiece, these wall tiles are your fail-proof choice.


Use bright colours to make metro tiles and subway tiles pop

With a palette of contemporary colours in traditional brick sizes, the sky’s more than the limit, in fact SKY is the name of a Gustavian grey-blue colour in the Metro range. Blue has come a long way from its indigo origins. Initially this vegetable dye was the most economical and thus ubiquitous colour. This year a variant of eggshell blue has cracked open and emerged as a firm favourite. Beauty, or Blue-ty is in the eye of the beholder. Choose blue-greys for relaxation, while lavender-blue offers a cool and refreshing appeal.

Wall tiles in a bathroom

The relationship between the sky and earth is organic. The ochre FLAME tile exudes the rusty warmth of terracotta. Combine FLAME and SKY tiles to conjure images of a picturesque riverbed.

Beautiful Red Wall Tiles

From celery and mint, to jade and sea-green, take a leaf out of 2018’s colour guide with the predominant colour of a garden: Green. Much the same way greens on a landscape roll into different shades, so too the Metro Lifestyle bricks offer different shades of green in the LEAF range.

Staying with the good earth, metals can be found not only on the periodic table but a natural metallic range is on the 2018 colour palette. Fortunately you don’t need to dig deep to discover Metro Lifestyle’s carbon colour. These tiles shimmer with luminosity and create a cool and chic sophistication that is elemental!


Wall tiles in a bathroom

Floor-Ever Colour

Our Color Line range for floors and walls offer ceramic and porcelain tiles that bring a serene flow into a home, hotel lobby, or indeed any workspace.

The trick is to think of tiles with the fluidity you would paint. Why limit yourself to colours, shapes or sizes when our Color Line range offers endless possibilities. Create your own patterns with expressive and contemporary Deco Tiles. The same neutral tones can be found with Color Line’s mosaics that add depth and can be used as a focal point or on their own.

Wall tiles with geometric patterns

From Color Line’s cool character green to their elegant blues, essential beauty is now the very ground you walk on. As with the Metro Lifestyle range, the earthy ochre emerges with Color Line’s Marsala slab. Mix it with the Metro FLAME wall tile for warmth and energy.

Happy Space

The important rule to remember is that there are no rules. Whether you elect for complimentary or clashing wall and floor tiles, the choice is yours. The Danish concept of Hyggae has generated global interest; people are gravitating towards making their homes and workspaces conducive to happy living.

Tiles are tactile, they breathe, they engage, they endure. With our range of colour tiles the effect is so magnificent that our Tile House is the key to your Tile Palace, naturally.

Red Wall Tiles