Cleanliness is next to godliness, and in fact most women (and let’s be honest men) will tell you that when it comes to their skin routine, they use the best products they can afford. Cleanse, tone and moisturise is the ABC of skin care.

Think of your tiles as your floor’s skin, which needs looking after.

The ABC of Tile & Floor Care is: Grout Off, Easy Clean and Quick Care. Before you think any old generic tile product will do, stop and remember the last time you substituted your luxury cleanser with a bar of soap? You’ve deleted all the selfies from that period as your skin looked awful! Right.

Out out damn grout! (With apologies to William Shakespeare)

Out with the mess of grout

The very definition of grout is that it is a mortar or paste to fill gaps between tiles, note not on tiles. Yet even with the neatest grouting job, grout may splash onto your tiles, the result, a splotchy mess. (Splotchy is good if you’re Jackson Pollack, not good if you’re grouting). With Tile & Floor Care Grout Off, you simply wipe off the excess grout two to three hours after the grouting job. Its unique formula removes grout residues from both porous and non-porous surfaces. Perfect for ceramics, quarry, saltillo and terracotta tiles. With no hazardous compounds, Grout Off is safe and simple to use!


Grime Busting for Tiles

Nothing says, “don’t come in”, like a dirty floor. Whether it’s an industrial, business or home floor, grime is a crime. Not only are dirty floors an eyesore, they’re also unhygienic! Especially in the case of large surface areas you need a product that is both efficient and cost effective. Add some Tender Loving Care to oil, grease and general grime with Tile & Floor Care Easy Clean! Ammonia-free, non-abrasive and without phosphates, who would have thought you could even apply it to carpets. Whether it’s porcelain tiles, painted metals or corrugated iron, Easy Clean is effortless to use! Now that your floor is spotless, how are you going to keep those unwanted visitors at bay?

A slick quick lick!

Porcelain Tiles Are Slick

Porcelain is the diamond in the floor crown! Porcelain floors speak of an aesthetic that doesn’t compromise, of palaces and silk drapes. However, unlike hardy gems, porcelain is high-maintenance and if not looked after will crack and discolour. Tile & Floor Care Quick Clean is a natural cleaner that can be used on porcelain floors. Naturally it’s biodegradable and due to its unique formula will penetrate the dirt, yet leave the polish and sealer in tact. Quick Clean is perfect not only for porcelain, but all tiled floors and hard surfaces.


Save water when tilingAs the Western Cape experiences its worst drought in over 100 years, it’s up to all of us to find ways to make every drop count. It stands to reason that the more effective your floor cleaner, the less water you’ll use. As all of our cleaners are concentrates, they are diluted according to the surface area so no excess water is wasted. Tile & Floor Care products are competitively priced offering you an affordable solution.

Don’t leave The Tile House without it!

After much deliberation, the moment arrives when you finally purchase your dream tiles! In that haze of excitement and anticipation it’s easy to forget about something as seemingly mundane as cleaning products, but don’t. Because just like your skin regime, what you put onto your tiles you get out, a floor-face that is squeaky clean, fresh with a radiant glow.

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