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Love that Lifestyle

There are some fabulous millennium words (‘fabulous’ isn’t one of them) which people enjoy floating into conversation. Uber (not taxi) Netflix (not TV) and a trusted favourite that has been around for a while… screed (do not say concrete).

Screed when applied correctly, and therein lies the crux, has a clean, spacious feel. Screed says “minimum” and lends itself to open-space living where the perfect hostess says to her guest, “Thanks, we also love our screeded floors, some more canapé’s?”

The less charming side of things, is that with screeding, there are a lot of failures if not done correctly. If you want a screed look floor, you can get this with screed look-alike tiles…the perfect solution!

Mix & Materials

Screed-Mix-&-MaterialsScreeding is very on- trend yet not everybody is aware of what this process involves when they decide they want this stylish look. For screeding to work and look great, there are factors involved such as correct ingredient ratio mixture, drying
process, skill of applicator.

Another factor is that one job can vary substantially to the next with results not being as you expected.

Furthermore, screed can also crack (totally not on trend) if not applied correctly.

Why take the chance of a disaster when you can get the exact look at no risk. So, if you’re set on screed, want a simpler solution with less risks, why not explore screed look-alike tiles?

Tiles + small grout gaps = seamless flow

Tile application with a simple 2mm grouting gap, can ensure the same look as a screeded floor. Match your grouting to the tiles’ colour and you get where this is flowing, your floor looks and feels like screed.


Now that you know how easy it is to achieve the screed look-alike with tiles, it’s time to be the architect of your own design and get back to the drawing board. The clearer you are about what you need, the easier it is for us to offer expert advice.

Tell us about your space

  1. Are you renovating or starting from scratch?
  2. Do you have pets or small children? You may opt for darker colours and slip-resistant finishes.
  3. Are your exterior tiles covered by a canopy or exposed to the wind, sunlight or rain (in the Western Cape we wish).
  4. Are you tiling the whole house or just one room? If the latter, what flooring is used in the other rooms?
  5. Do you want to incorporate screed-look tiles on your walls or counter-tops?

The Screed-look of love

At The Tile House we have a range of screed look-alike tiles in neutral finishes. From silver to greige, taupe and grey, our numerous shades make even E.L James’ palette look undesirable! Screed look-alike tiles come in both interior and exterior finishes.


Versatile and stylish, screed look-alike tiles can be applied to floors and walls. It’s so simple to achieve the screed look you just need to know what to ask for and that is, the perfect tile.

Timeless Tiles

Screed look-alike tiles are like a faithful friend. They make you look good, are low maintenance, they don’t crack if laid correctly, and will endure long after trends have come and gone. Screed look-alike tiles are timeless, now there’s a good millennium word.

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