A harmonious life is one that is lived with the right balance. A balance between work and play, healthy food and treats, exercise and leisure. Yet we often need more than a set of industrial scales to work out where the balance lies. Likewise when it comes to your kitchen and living room , you need to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Where good looks meet practicality

Tile Advice by Macgregor Forsyth
At The Tile House we have the pleasure of working with Macgregor Forsyth, an interior, retail and corporate design company, who have been industry leaders since 1995. Their seamless designs create the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Macgregor Forsyth has generously shared their expertise and solution-based approach with us. It’s easier than you think to create your own lifestyle equilibrium.

Know thy Kitchen

Kitchen Design Advice by Macgregor Forsyth

For a moment let’s forget about the frills & frothy cappuccinos and start with the basics: Your kitchen is a space for the storage and preparation of food and disposal of waste products. Now ask yourself, what are the other requirements? Do you cook supper and supervise homework at the same time? Is entertainment a priority? How about recycling and functionality? Once you know what you needs are you can start with your wants. One size does not fit all, however the basic guidelines remain the same.

The Kitchen Checklist:

  • Switch onto natural light, nothing beats its illumination.
  • Open plan has a contemporary feel and makes multi-tasking manageable; you can sauté veggies while supervising homework.
  • Forget the workflow triangle and choose a layout that works for you. If you need the space to be flexible invest in a butcher’s block on wheels.
  • When deciding on paint colour, conventional wisdom dictates that for small spaces go light and big spaces go darker. However who wants to be conventional? If you’re looking for a dramatic effect don’t be afraid to paint a signature wall with bold shades.
  • Your splash back tiles can either be a feature or serve to accentuate the chosen paint colour.
  • You can mix countertop materials to optimum effect. Wood and marble are natural partners.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Whether recycle bins are tucked under the sink, or a stainless steel feature, they are a must for sustainable living.

Loving the Living Room

Love your living Room

An open plan kitchen may flow into the living room, however it has a separate function and should have its own identity. The living room, once known as the parlour, comes from the French word ‘parler’ to speak. While the kitchen is a buzz of activity, the living room should be a place to sink into a comfortable sofa, and feel the stresses of the day slip away. To create a haven, start with the feeling you’d like to evoke.

The Living Room Checklist:

  • Use curtains to soften the room, they also function as insulation and a sound barrier.
  • A kelim or rug should be large enough to tie in all the furniture, but not too large to obscure your tiled floor.
  • Artwork needs to be at eye level.
  • Mix and match colours and patterns.
  • Whether you choose concealed lights or bold fittings, no need to place a ‘glass ceiling’ on your ceiling aesthetics.
  • Use strategically placed lamps for atmosphere.
  • Choose your paint colour once you’ve furnished the room, not before.
  • Thankfully the slim plasma screen has replaced the ungainly television box, yet this still does not have to be the focal point of your room.
  • The Victorians believed that the more furniture and ornaments you could cram into the parlour, the more affluent you looked. Perhaps someone should have told them that clutter is messy, simple as that.

A treat for the practical & the aesthete

Whether it’s your kitchen or living room, the design needs to embrace your lifestyle and provide optimal functionality and aesthetic pleasure. We hope with Macgregor Forsyth’s guidance you’re one step closer to getting your home’s balance right. Now about that piece of chocolate cake for tea…

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